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6/15 Stainless Steel Gas Strut (Complete Kit)

Part Number: .K155SS-15-40C

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6/15 316 Grade Stainless Steel Gas Strut 50 – 400N

Our 6/15 diameter gas struts are a reliable and versatile gas spring that are ideal for a range of applications. The 6/15 refers to the diameters of the piston rod and cylinder, respectively. Our gas struts are carefully engineered to deliver the precise level of support and dampening required.

Our gas struts operate by utilizing a pressurized cylinder filled with nitrogen gas and a piston rod that moves in and out of the cylinder. By controlling the movement of the load, the gas strut delivers superior support and dampening, enhancing the overall performance of your application.

Our gas struts also provide the following benefits; Non corrosive guide block, maze dampening system and a vulcanized sealing system. They are manufactured under automated processes and made to ISO/TS 16949 standards. The shaft treatment has 150 hours of salt nitride testing and is guaranteed for 2 years or 20,000 cycles.

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ProductCode A Extended Length B Stroke Length C Compressed Length Thread Pitch Newton Force Range
K155SS-15-45  155 45 110 M6x1.0  50 – 400N
K195SS-15-60  195 60 135 M6x1.0  50 - 400N
K235SS-15-85  235 85 150 M6x1.0  50 - 400N
K255SS-15-95  255 95 160 M6x1.0  50 - 400N
K275SS-15-100  275 100 175 M6x1.0  50 - 400N
K315SS-15-125  315 125 190 M6x1.0  50 - 400N
K375SS-15-150  375 150 225 M6x1.0  50 - 400N
K390SS-15-160  390 160 230 M6x1.0  50 - 400N

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